We'll work with you to create a template design that has high visual impact and properly reflects the quality and image of your Club or business.  Once design is complete, you create your own content and manage your subscribers using the built-in tools in belongMAIL.  You'll be saying 'That was easy' in no time.


Once you've created your campaign, sending is as easy as the click of a button.  If you prefer to schedule the send for a later day or time, belongMAIL can do that too.  Advanced testing tools and adherence to the rules of the mass email 'game' ensure that your message gets across - literally.


What good is all your hard work if you can't see who actually took the time to take a peek at what you've sent?  With belongMAIL's robust (not to mention pretty) reporting and analytic tools you can see who has done what with your email.  We'll warn you that clicking your browser's refresh button to get up-to-the-second results can be addictive.